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“Wow INEC Killarney. In 9 years of playing here, that just might've been the ultimate show! What an audience. Massive. Loud and Proud. Can't thank you enough for joining us on a magical hot July night in the Kingdom.
Loved it!” #hk17

Thanks to Siobhan for sharing her photos from last weekend's memorable show at the INEC in Killarney. Photos copyright Siobhan English.


“Nice way to start a Saturday
Big thanks to last nights crowd at Eyeries Festival in West Cork.
We won't forget you guys in a hurry!”


“Navan, that was crazy. Thanks a million for giving us such a brilliant night.
You guys were LOUD
So many HK fans made the trip from abroad for this weeks shows, from Scotland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, USA, Brazil, The Lebanon...Thank you”


“You know it's gonna be a great night when the venue is already jammed and a 2 coaches full of people just rolled up!
#gorey #highkings #lasthomeshowtildecember”

550 Killarney
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