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Listen to the latest radio interviews and performances from Darren

Listen to the latest radio interviews and performances from The High Kings

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Photos copyright Anja Muller

550 Union Chapel 2016 Collage
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“From swinging London to brilliant Berlin! I've even got a Batman phone!
Just swooped back to 1977 😊

“Goodnight Berlin.
What a great crowd to kick off the German leg of the HK tour.
Thanks for an exceptional time.”


“Hamburg! That's how ya throw a party.
Thanks for another fantastic night in Germany.” #hkeurope

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Photos copyright Anja Muller


“Our crew getting the stage ready for tonight's show at Modernes in Bremen.”

Black Velvet Band with Darren playing his Emerald Guitar.

Hand me down my Bible!

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Photo copyright Sandra Elschner


“Halle, thank you so much for an amazing night. You guys were phenomenal throughout the show tonight. The volume from you was sensational. You blew us away on every chorus. Great fun.”

Berlin Hotel
Berlin after show
550 Hamburg Sandra
550 Hamburg Anja
Bremen Anja
Bremen Sandra


“Christmas markets creating a very festive feeling here in the lovely city of Mainz, Germany.”

“To all the amazing audience tonight in Mainz, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so very much for the incredible reaction to "The Town I Loved so well". Not only did it mean the world to me, but also to the man who wrote it all those years ago, Phil Coulter, who passes on his gratitude.
The lads and I had a ball tonight.
Germany is being great to us.”

“Fitness First. Definitely one of the finest gyms I've ever been in. The Germans do it well.”


“Karlsruhe, that was insane. What a crowd. The loudest in ages. Thanks for showing us how to throw a party.”


“There was a point during tonight's show in Stuttgart where I received a timely reminder why I do what I do.
To write a song, record it and release it to the world is one thing, but when you hear a couple thousand beautiful German folks roar every word at you in unison....well that's a whole other story.
"Oh Maggie" never sounded so cool Stuttgart. You guys really took all of us by surprise with the volume.
Thanks a million.
Munich....your turn next 😊
PS....if anyone got video, please feel free to post it.”


“What an amazing night in Munich. Just when I think it can't get any louder!
Blown away yet again. After 6 years of singing "that" song and tonight becomes the loudest reaction...crazy! I'm going to have to take Phil to Germany next time to hear you guys.
"Oh Maggie" then becomes even wilder than last night. Unbelievable.
Was that a single here? I dunno. Sounds like it could've been.
Honestly, you bowled us over tonight Munich. Thanks.”

Photos copyright Barbara Schmidt


“Essen! No words! Incredible crowd!
Thank you!”

Photos copyright Sandra Elschner

550 Mainz Christmas Markets
Mainz Gym
550 Munich Barbara Schmidt
Essen Sandra

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