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Listen to the latest radio interviews and performances from Darren

Listen to the latest radio interviews and performances from The High Kings

Ambassador For Emerald Guitars

“A little something to mark the 39th anniversary of ELVIS. Glad to sing this with my Artisan X20 acoustic from Emerald Guitars.”

“After many requests and messages from you guys following the first 'Elvis' song I posted a few weeks ago, I've decided to upload another hotel room video. Hope you enjoy.
One of my favourite songs from Rod the Mod. This is dedicated to the wonderful High Kings road crew, who have accommodated me having my Artisan X20 Emerald guitar on the road with me. The best crew in the game!”
#emeraldsessions #underthecovers #rodstewart

“Daniel O' Donnell bassist, James Blennerhassett and myself backstage at Opry AN Iuir, Newry Town Hall yesterday with our brand new Emerald Guitars.
Loving these fantastic instruments from a superb Irish company.”

Darren playing his Emerald Guitar with the High Kings at Union Chapel London

Darren Holden & James Blennerhassett
550 Emerald Union Chapel Collage

"I am completely overwhelmed and so grateful to Alistair Hay, founder of "Emerald Guitars" for yet another gift of an incredibly beautiful and unique Irish made instrument. I've loved playing the Artisan X20 on tour and this evening Alistair and his PR man Sean Feeny presented me with the Amicus Artisan short scale. Can't wait to get accustomed with this little gem."

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