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Listen to the latest radio interviews and performances from The High Kings

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Spanish Peaks Irish Festival - La Veta CO

“After all these years of living and touring in America, it still seems to throw the odd hidden gem in my path from time to time.
La Veta, Colorado. And no, the colour TV didn't entice me to stay!”

“Great bunch of kids!”

“Brian and I just did an acoustic 135 minute show incorporating HK, Elvis, Billy Joel, as part of The Spanish Peaks festival in Colorado.”

This was the first of 4 FB Live videos Brian posted during his and Darren's 135 minute acoustic concert in La Veta.

“The Story of the High Kings”

Photo copyright www.thehighkings.com

This was a little musical taster from The Story of The High Kings.
Live @ La Veta Gallery, Colorado.

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“Nice little stroll around Northampton.” #dayoff

“Delighted to see one of my favourite people and favourite songwriters Thomas Walsh last night at The Iron Horse Music Hall in Northampton MA. A fellow Irishman, whose band PUGWASH are as sublime as it gets. They absolutely killed it last night!”

“2 shows at Iron Horse Music Hall Northampton tonight.”

“Northampton MA.....Thanks for coming out in such large numbers tonight. Great town, great fun.”

Sellersville PA

“Sellersville Pennsylvania! What a superb audience. That was wild from start to finish and funny as folk!
Loved it. Thanks for coming out in such large numbers and also for the personalised chocolates and gifts!”

Norfolk CT

“Kiefer. 24 Hours.”

“Absolutely blown away backstage after what might possibly be the very loudest and wildest audience on the entire US tour. Infinity Hall, Norfolk CT, you guys were revved up and raring to go all night. Way too much fun.
Can Boston go louder tomorrow night??
I don't know....we'll have to wait and see!
Bring it on!”

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Somerville Boston

“The final US date tonight. The big one.
Somerville Theatre. Boston. Sold out.”

Leaving of Liverpool Live @ Somerville Theatre, Boston!

Town I Loved So Well

“Somerville, Boston. We couldn't dream up an audience reaction like that if we tried. One of the nights in my career that I will remember for many years and for so many reasons. Including that one near the end!!! 🙀
We have wrapped up the 50th US concert on the summer tour and I need to say a massive thank you to the thousands of truly great people that came out to see us on what has been the biggest HK American adventure to date. The video doesn't show the audience very well in the balcony but the noise is what it's all about.
'Til the next time, see ya.”