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Listen to the latest radio interviews and performances from Darren

Listen to the latest radio interviews and performances from The High Kings

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“Early morning Telly at WISH TV in Indianapolis.” #hkusa17

The High Kings perform Marie's Wedding and Leave her Johnny Leave Her on Wish TV's Indy Style 15 September 2017.

“Nice one Indianapolis”


“Back in a New York State of Mind." #albany #hkusa17

The High Kings perform Black Velvet Band and Leave Her Johnny live from the sold out Egg in Albany!


“Very cool place. Beacon NY.”

“Beacon NY. What can I say after that? That show has pretty much everything. Sold out. Amazing audience. A totally spontaneous and fun set list....New York State of Mind was a necessity right? 👌The boys that came up to the stage to sing "Leaving of Liverpool"...that was superb.
You guys were totally brilliant tonight and the 3 of us are so grateful once again that you all had such a great time. Thank you all so much.
Onwards to Pennsylvania.”

Goodnight Irene live from Towne Crier in Beacon NY!

550 Wish TV
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"Sellersville Theatre Pennsylvania, I honestly don't think we have ever had as much fun onstage as we did tonight. 2 sold out shows back to back to fantastic audiences and way too many highlights and laughs.
However, tonight's Elvis bit took on a life of its own from Brian's coaxing and "The Leaving of Liverpool" will never be the same.
Please tell us somebody got that on video?
Huge thanks to you all for a very special night in your fine town.
Now for one night....Well we're living here in Allentown." #billy

Well someone did! Thanks to Zach Headley for recording it and allowing us to share it with you.


“Thank you Northampton! Onwards to Long Island.”

A little bit of "Massachusetts" and Black Velvet Band from last night at the Iron Horse Music Hall in Northampton.


“Hello from Southampton, Long Island NY.”

The High Kings in perfect harmony singing Red is the Rose in Southampton.

Photo copyright Lorraine Burke.