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Original Songs

Tribute Songs

On 31st August 1997, the world was shaken by the tragic death of Diana, Princess of Wales. Darren wrote this song as his own personal tribute to Diana. The song featured as a track on his single More Than I Can Say early in his career.

In November 2005 Darren released Through Hell and High Water, dedicated to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. It became one of the most downloaded songs of the year in the US, gaining him much praise for the touching lyrics, and heartfelt message, from fans of all ages and backgrounds. The song is included on Darren’s latest album, Roadworks, released in August 2006.

Darren Originals Across His Career

This player features a selection of over 20 live and photo videos, including those above, for Darren's original music across his career to date.
PLEASE NOTE: I Want To Come home was an original song on Darren's Live & Learn album, but was not written by Darren.

For more versions of Darren's TV performances of his original music during his early career, please also see the EARLY CAREER playlist on Darren's YouTube channel