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Please click on the link to go to Darren's Facebook photo albums with a comprehensive library of photos from all aspects of Darren's career, solo and High Kings.

Darren with a few familiar faces ..................


Darren with Stray Cats singer Brian Setzer

Darren with Tommy Byrnes from Billy Joel's Band

Darren and Josh Groban backstage at the RTE Late Late Show

Darren & Tommy Byrnes
Darren & Josh Groban Late Late Show 800

Darren with Beatles secretary Freda Kelly, who was at the High Kings concert in Liverpool.

Darren & Frieda Kelly

Had the pleasure of meeting and having a chat with Joe Don, Gary, and Jay from Rascal Flatts who were on the Late Late Show with us. One of my absolute favourite bands.

Darren Brian Rascal Flatts

Darren with Paul Young at the Isle of Wight Festival 2015

Darren & Paul Young IOW 140615

Darren with Matt Cardle at the Isle of Wight Festival 2014

Darren & Matt Cardle 2

Had the honour of chatting with legendary stage and screen actor John Mahoney at The IBAM Awards. Probably best known as Frasier's dad

Darren & John Mahoney

What a pleasure to launch "Ireland's Call" with the legendary Phil Coulter and Anton Savage on Today "FM. Massive reaction.

Backstage after our Nashville show with Country singer Tim Rushlow, his wife Mary Jane and Brian.

Darren & Phil Coulter at TodayFM 260815
Darren & Brian Tim Rushmore