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HK sing for US President!

Think we can safely say it was quite a night!!

A few words from Darren!

"WOW!! Now that was an absolutely incredible night! One of the best ever. We rocked The East Room in style tonight, right after an official photograph with President and Mrs Obama. What a lovely couple. Our own PM Enda Kenny was there with us, along with his good wife for the second night in succession. This is the stuff you tell your kids and grandkids about in years to come. We take lifelong memories with with us tonight. Big thanks to The White House staff who looked after us so well today. And more importantly, huge thanks to Maggie and Dick Holden for encouraging my love of music."

Next day it was back on a plane and heading home to his family in Ireland taking all his memories to share with them. But, with his feet barely back on home soil, he was eager to share them with us too.

“Hi folks. I will be chatting to Sue Nunn about playing The White House, on KCLR FM at 9.30am this morning"

Check out the personal photos from the White House courtesy of Darren and www.thehighkings.com

"Wow! I now have 2 of these.
Not bad for the little lad of the Holden's from Mooncoin."

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